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Metals for industrial 3D printing

3D printing cobalt-chrome


3D printing cobalt-chrome: the dental material

Cobalt-chrome alloys are some of the most resilient and resistant materials around. They were originally developed for aircraft construction, especially for engines. With their very high strength, toughness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, they can withstand the enormous loads and high temperatures of flying. They also offer excellent biocompatibility.

Which 3D printing cobalt-chrome is ideal for additive manufacturing?
Various 3D printing cobalt-chrome alloys are available for different requirements. To meet the high demands placed on 3D-printed products in the medical and dental sectors, we work with the 3D printing cobalt-chrome alloy CoCrW , which is specially approved for the dental sector.

The impressive properties of 3D printing cobalt-chrome CoCrW
The powder CoCrW alloy consists of 60.5 % cobalt, 28 % chromium, 9 % tungsten and 1.5 % silicon. It is free of nickel, beryllium and gallium. Due to its high strength, 3D printing cobalt-chrome CoCrW is difficult to machine with machining processes. In additive manufacturing, CoCrW is an ideal alternative for the fast and economical production of high-precision and high-quality parts made of cobalt-chrome.

Fields of application of 3D printing cobalt-chrome CoCrW

The cobalt-chrome alloy CoCrW is mainly used in dentistry for the production of patient-specific dentures. 3D printing can be used to produce crowns, bridges, frameworks for metal-ceramic veneers and combined dentures quickly, precisely and cost-effectively.


3D printing cobalt-chrome alloy for dental technology

The 3D printing cobalt-chrome alloy CoCrW is toxicologically harmless for use on humans. Components made of CoCrW have a high density with a very homogeneous and dense microstructure. They are therefore highly resilient and ideal for bridges and other forms of dentures. The material CoCrW meets the requirements of the standards DIN EN ISO 9693 and DIN EN ISO 22674 and is approved for use in the dental field.

Maximum installation space: mm

Properties of 3D printing cobalt-chrome CoCrW
  • Yield point Rpp0,2 635 N/mm²
  • Tensile strength Rm 1030 N/mm²
  • Elongation at break A 10 %
  • Electricity module 230.000 N/mm²
  • Density R 8,6 g/cm³
  • Melting interval ∆ 1320 – 1420 °C
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion 14,1 x 10-6K-1 (25-500 °C)
  • DIN EN ISO 9693
  • DIN EN ISO 22674

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