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FKM 3D printing materials

3D printing material

Metal powders, plastic powders and filled polymers

Our selection of 3D printing materials

FKM is a specialist in powder-bed-based 3D printing as a service. Our customers include industrial companies, engineering firms and suppliers, as well as 3D printing partners. In the laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) process, special 3D printing powders (metal powders, plastic powders and filled polymer powders) are sintered or melted into components. These 3D-printed parts are just as robust and resilient as conventionally manufactured metal parts or injection-moulded plastic components.

The quality of 3D printing powders is crucial
Durable feedstocks are just as important for additive manufacturing as they are for traditional manufacturing processes. In combination with computer-aided design via CAD systems and the precise layer-by-layer construction process in 3D laser printing, the 3D-printed powders are used to create stable, high-quality components, prototypes and tools.

Our experts are happy to assist you in the selection of 3D printing materials. Our range includes metal powders and plastic powders for different applications and working environments. We only use 3D printing materials from well-known suppliers who, like us, place the highest value on quality. All of the powders in our range have undergone meticulous quality checks at every stage along the supply chain.

Learn more about the polymer materials and metal materials that FKM offers for industrial 3D printing: What are their technical properties and strengths, and for which applications are they mainly suitable?

“FKM offers the right material for every requirement. Make the most of our experience – together, we will find the right material for your application.”

6 Plastics. 6 metals.

What advantages must the material have for your application? Tensile strength, fracture resistance, temperature resistance, bending flexibility or lightness?

Whatever components you need to produce, FKM has the right material to meet every requirement. Put your trust in our experience – together we will find the perfect material.


Plastics and
filled polymers

With a comprehensive material selection of pure or filled plastics, large-volume and flexible 3D printing capacities and validated parameter sets, we reliably achieve optimum product properties for your parts.



Our comprehensive portfolio of highly developed metal materials has proven itself in daily practice. The modern metal powders ensure the desired product properties and make the reproductions reliably repeatable.

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