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Polymers for industrial 3D printing

3D printing PA 12 / polyamide 12


3D printing PA 12: proven and reliable

The white SLS PA 12 powder is a nylon material and is the most proven material for the 3D printing of plastic parts. Components made of SLS PA 12 are robust, lastingly stable, resistant to chemicals and extremely versatile. SLS PA 12-based materials are a high-performance alternative to plastics such as ABS or PA 6, which have proven themselves in injection moulding. The additively manufactured end products have the same strength, flexibility and durability as injection-moulded parts.

Which 3D printing SLS PA 12 powders are optimal?
At FKM, the SLS PA 12 colour variants PA 12 white and PA 12 natural/grey are used for laser sintering. Both materials enable highly detailed 3D printing using the SLS process and can be excellently post-processed. PA 12 white is also biocompatible and certified for food contact, making it a material alternative for the food industry and medical technology.

Fields of application of 3D printing SLS PA 12
The low-cost, all-purpose material is suitable for a wide range of applications, for example for functional prototypes or qualified series parts from all industrial sectors. SLS PA 12 is particularly ideal when workpieces and components need to be biocompatible, resistant to chemicals and lastingly stable. It is unproblematic in contact with food and is therefore suitable for food production. In medical technology, it is used for the production of prostheses. SLS PA 12 is a good choice as an alternative to injection moulding materials. Thanks to its good wear resistance, moving components made of SLS PA 12 are possible. After the printing process, the polymer can be excellently post-processed, for example metallised or dyed.

PA 2200

Biocompatible 3D printing SLS PA 12, white

The material PA 2200 is a proven and versatile polymer. Durable white components made of SLS PA12 have very balanced properties and are characterised by their strength, rigidity and good chemical resistance. In addition, they are biocompatible (EN ISO 10993-1 and USP Class VI) and certified for food contact in accordance with the EU Plastics Directive 2002/72/EC. We recommend this material if dip dyeing using DyeMansion is planned in the finishing process. The dyeing result is easily reproducible.

Maximum installation space: 675 x 365 x 550 mm

Properties of 3D printing polyamide 12 PA 2200
  • Shore hardness D (15 s) 75
  • Tension module 1650 MPa
  • Tensile strength 48 MPa
  • Elongation at break (XY) 18 %
  • Charpy impact resistance (23 °C) 53 KJ/m²
  • Charpy V-notch impact strength (23 °C) 4,8 KJ/m²
  • Flexural modulus 1500 MPa
  • Melting temperature (20 °C/min.) 176 °C
  • EN ISO 10993-1, USP Class VI, EU Plastics Directive 2002/72/EC

PA 12 natural/grey

Economical 3D printing SLS PA 12,
natural or grey

Polyamide 12 powder in natural or grey is an economical, multi-purpose material for plastic 3D printing. Unlike parts made of PA 2200, components made of natural SLS PA 12 powder do not contain any whitening agents. SLS PA 12 powder in grey offers further solid-coloured part solutions. Both materials have material properties comparable to PA 2200 (white), for example high strength, rigidity and good chemical resistance. These colour variants of the polymer SLS PA 12 are also ideal for post-processing after 3D printing.

Maximum installation space: 675 x 365 x 550 mm

Properties of 3D printing SLS PA 12 natural / grey
  • Tension module 1600 MPa
  • Tensile strength 40 MPa
  • Elongation at break (XY) 18 %
  • Melting temperature (20 °C/min.) 176 °C

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