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Industrial 3D printing service

Plastics for 3D printing

Polyamides: PA 12, PA 12 filled, Alumide, PA 11, PA 6, TPU, PAEK / PEEK

Plastics for 3D printing

Additive manufacturing of plastic components, or plastic printing for industry for short, has long been a proven standard. FKM is one of the pioneers of plastic printing and offers a wide range of materials for laser powder bed fusion (LPBF). Thanks to our flexible, large-volume and 3D printing machines suitable for a wide range of applications and our validated parameter sets, we reliably manufacture plastic parts from these high-quality materials with repeatable precision and surface quality, especially for you.

Selected plastics for 3D printing
At FKM, we use the following 3D printing materials for our plastic additive processes: polyamides (PA), thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and polyaryletherketone (PEEK or PAEK). With these highly developed and proven plastic or polymer materials, individual products of first-class quality can be produced very quickly. The materials are available as powders and are specially developed for additive manufacturing using laser powder bed fusion. Make the most of our many years of material expertise, and let us advise you on selecting the ideal plastic material for your 3D printing project.



of our plastics in plastic additive processes

“Benefit from our many years of experience and our high-quality, tested plastics for 3D printing.”

PA 12

Polyamide 12

A versatile all-rounder for robust, stable components resistant to chemicals – available in white, natural or grey

PA 12 filled

Filled polyamide 12

A composite material for special application conditions, for example with glass beads, with chemical flame retardant or as a hybrid material with aluminium.

PA 11

Polyamide 11

Known as nylon, chemically and mechanically heat resistant and durable. Excellent for highly technical applications


Thermoplastic polyurethane

A thermoplastic elastomer based on urethane. Ideal for strong and at the same time elastic and abrasion-resistant products

PA 6

Polyamide 6

Thermoplastic polyamide powder, developed as PA 613 especially for 3D printing and with higher elasticity, improved resistance to chemicals, oils and greases and a higher melting temperature than PA 6



High-performance polymers with excellent mechanical properties, even at high temperatures – fireproof, extremely resistant to chemicals and particularly suitable for the production of high-performance moulded parts

Selective laser sintering (SLS) enables the production of real functional components and ready-to-sell serial parts. The big advantage: SLS 3D printing is the additive manufacturing process that can currently be used to manufacture products with the highest mechanical and chemical strength.

Our impressive collection of machines for 3D printing with plastics and filled polymers

Thanks to our unique production capacities and intelligent use of our entire installation space, we can also produce large quantities within an extremely short space of time.

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Reliable quality for certified 3D printing components

Our quality management system is IATF-certified for Tier 3 OEM parts in the automotive industry and forms the qualitative basis for the production of each individual part.

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Finishing and assembly of additively manufactured plastic parts

Our particularly wide range of post-processing options enables us to supply ready-to-install serial and spare parts, custom-fit tools and functional prototypes.

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