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3D printing for industry

3D printing metal powders for additive manufacturing

Aluminium, tool steel, Inconel, stainless steel, copper, cobalt-chrome

3D printing metal powder for top-quality components

Metal-based additive manufacturing processes are becoming increasingly popular in industrial production. With a large selection of 3D-printed metal powders, we offer you the right material base for products with different geometries and properties. With our many years of experience in 3D printing, validated parameter sets and high-tech machinery, we ensure the required precision and surface quality for every component.

Your development partner for 3D printing with metal powders
With around 30 years of experience in additive manufacturing, we have gained a wealth of experience and expertise when it comes to metal powders for 3D printing. On this basis, we have selected six modern metal materials. This range of 3D printing materials enables us to safely and cost-effectively implement almost any product geometry and material property with laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) or selective laser melting (SLM) methods:


Components with particularly lightweight construction


High strength and impact-resistant workpieces

Load capacity

Dimensionally stable and temperature-resistant products


Parts that are good and easy to recycle

Design freedom

Complex geometries can be easily implemented


Efficient processes and cost-effective production

Selected 3D printing metal powders
For the production of metal products by means of additive manufacturing, we use the following metal powders for 3D printing: aluminium, tool steel, stainless steel, Inconel, copper and cobalt-chrome. The materials used are tried-and-tested metal alloys in powder form, which are optimally matched to the requirements of the additive printing process and therefore reliably ensure repeatable product quality.



of our 3D printing metal powders

“We provide you with comprehensive support in selecting suitable 3D printing metals for your design requirements and production goals. Make the most of our many years of experience and our high-quality, tested metal materials.”



A widely used, flexible and proven alloy for applications in the automotive, aerospace and aviation industries and many other sectors

1.4404 and 1.4542 / 17-4 PH

Stainless steel

Versatile metal alloys in two material variants for the aerospace and aviation industries, medical technology, plant engineering and the energy sector, as well as the food, shipbuilding and jewellery industries

1.2709 and M789

Tool steel

Ultra-high-strength steel alloys in two variants for special requirements. Ideal for use in toolmaking in all industries and for injection moulding applications with conformal cooling

Copper CuCP and CuNi2SiCr


Perfect metal powders for components of heat exchangers, rocket components, induction coils, electronic components and more, as well as applications requiring good conductivity. Two copper powders are available.



The nickel alloy is particularly suitable for extreme application areas and high-temperature applications, for example in aircraft construction, shipbuilding or for gas turbine components.



Heavy-duty alloys that are used in both mechanical engineering and the medical industry

Selective laser melting (SLM) enables the production of real functional components and ready-to-sell serial parts. The big advantage: SLM 3D printing is the additive manufacturing process that can currently be used to manufacture products with the highest mechanical and chemical strength.

Our impressive collection of machines for 3D printing with metal powder

Thanks to our unique production capacities and intelligent use of our entire installation space, we can also produce large quantities within an extremely short space of time.

Challenge us!

Reliable quality for certified 3D printing components

Our quality management system is IATF-certified for Tier 3 OEM parts in the automotive industry and forms the qualitative basis for the production of each individual part.

Rely on us!

Finishing and assembly of additively manufactured metal parts

Our particularly wide range of post-processing options enables us to supply ready-to-install serial and spare parts, custom-fit tools and functional prototypes.

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