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FKM’s portfolio of machines and metals

Additive manufacturing with metal / SLM metal printing

Machine capacities and installation space

Your service provider for 3D printing with metal

Selective laser melting (SLM metal printing) is the future of metal additive manufacturing. Until now, SLM metal printing has been considered a rather cost-intensive process. However, increasingly rapid systems with larger and larger production capacities for metal are now noticeably improving the productivity of option, which reduces manufacturing costs for 3D-printed metal or SLM parts.

The advantages of SLM metal printing
From a technical point of view, SLM offers a number of significant advantages compared to machining: It saves time, offers significantly greater design freedom and enables lightweight constructions, as well as the integration of a wide range of functions. FKM is an experienced service provider for 3D printing with metal and combines the advantages of SLM manufacturing with its own strengths in the areas of process expertise, design and parameterisation. Together with the company’s large production capacities for 3D printing with metal, these factors all come together to offer important advantages for customers in every 3D printing job:

A flexible service provider for 3D printing with metal for industrial applications
As a reliable, long-standing supplier for industry customers, FKM consistently relies on its comprehensive range of machines and state-of-the-art system technology for additive manufacturing. In order to offer economically optimised SLM metal printing, the company’s systems are tailored to meet different requirements in terms of size and material use. The small machines, for example, are ideal for cost-effective SLM metal printing of express components within a short space of time. The medium-sized and large SLM metal printing systems with features such as multiple lasers are optimised in terms of both speed and performance. FKM’s large 3D printing systems are also, and in particular, used for 3D printing jobs involving large components – be it individual or serial parts. Our machine portfolio is suitable for flexible use and not only shortens the production times of 3D-printed metal parts but also economically reduces the use of materials while ensuring reproducible product quality.

Supplying ready-to-install surfaces suitable for series production
Depending on requirements, we implement post-processing and surface technologies using classic and machining methods. As an all-inclusive service provider for 3D printing with metal, we smooth, polish and harden components in such a way that we supply our customers with fully functional prototypes as well as ready-to-install serial and spare parts.

“We offer cost-effective and tried-and-tested state-of-the-art solutions in the field of high-quality 3D printing with metal.”

Our production capacities for SLM metal printing: We use our current total of 16 SLM machines to complete more than 2,500 orders per year. We are continuously investing in new production facilities and thus constantly expanding our manufacturing capacities for 3D printing with metal.

Our SLM metal printing machines

Number of machines
Construction volume
90 x 90 x 80 mm
250 x 250 x 310 mm
250 x 250 x 280 mm
250 x 250 x 210 mm
800 x 400 x 500 mm
400 x 400 x 400 mm

Efficient and flexible 3D printing with metal
To handle all additive manufacturing orders efficiently and economically, we work with intelligently controlled project planning. As a service provider for 3D printing with metal, this approach enables us to process orders particularly quickly while remaining highly flexible. We combine different components made of the same material and reduce costs by making better use of the installation space. As a result, our prices are not only particularly competitive but, in many cases, also cheaper than in-house production. In addition, we can guarantee short response times, maximum transparency and 100% compliance with delivery requirements and deadlines – even for complex special parts and when time is of the essence.

Process-oriented quality assurance on the machine
The precision and exact reproducibility of 3D-printed metal blanks require the machinery used to be in optimal condition at all times. To ensure this, we implement a preventive maintenance concept for our machines and employ experienced specialists to operate them. These experts continuously calibrate the process parameters, replace wear parts preventively and carry out constant cleaning maintenance of the installation space. In addition, we continuously print test specimens, measure them and readjust the machines accordingly if necessary. This quality assurance process is documented by means of statistical process control (SPC).

Ready-to-install 3D-printed metal components: high-end finishing for industrial applications

Although SLM blanks are fully resilient immediately after printing, they still lack the finishing touches required for many areas of application. These are obtained during finishing by means of smoothing, polishing, hardening or varnishing. We offer these services in-house or via trusted partners. When we have finished your parts, you will receive serial parts, functional samples or spare parts that are ready to install in terms of both their function and aesthetics.

“Automated support structure removal” (ASR)
In the case of hard-to-access, internal support structures, we offer the high-quality service of automated support structure removal plus component smoothing from a single source.

Surface Technology & Assembly

Short production times for 3D-printed metal parts

In the additive manufacturing of metal parts, large production capacities, short response times and careful execution are equally important. This is why, if necessary, we first discuss orders briefly with our customers before we get started. Depending on the size of the order, the produced 3D-printed parts are usually ready for shipment within five to seven days. Express production is also possible on request.

Diversity. Six metals.

What advantages must the material have for your application? Tensile strength, fracture resistance, temperature resistance, bending flexibility or lightness?

Whatever components you need to produce, FKM has the right material to meet every requirement. Put your trust in our experience – together we will find the perfect material.



Our comprehensive portfolio of highly developed metal materials has proven itself in daily practice. The modern metal powders ensure the desired product properties and make the reproductions reliably repeatable.

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