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Rapid prototyping with metals and plastics

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Rapid prototyping: 3D printing with metals and plastics



On the whole, rapid prototyping of plastic or metal parts can help companies develop their products faster, more cost-effectively and in a more customer-centric manner.

Our consulting and implementation approach

FKM offers an important additional service in rapid prototyping that goes beyond the additive manufacturing procedure: It also contributes its thoughts and ideas to the customer’s design process, even as a project partner.

Be it a specification-based recommendation for the selection of materials, finishing options or the final assembly of groups of components, FKM supports every idea, no matter how impossible it may seem, with LPBF solutions and is passionate about making it a reality. The active involvement of FKM reduces the development risk and secures further investment steps.

“At FKM, we offer state-of-the-art rapid prototyping solutions that not only work but are also cost-effective.”

How rapid prototyping in 3D printing works at FKM

Every rapid prototyping project always starts with an idea, either for the optimisation of an existing product or the realisation of a new one. With the help of CAD, the component is first created digitally and then printed using a rapid prototyping process. If necessary, changes can then be made before small batch production is started.



We check or create the CAD data and discuss the feasibility of your idea with you. This visualisation is an important first step in rapid prototyping.


If the 3D visualisations are correct, we produce an initial prototype on our 3D printing machines. The prototype is primarily used to test and examine the realised idea for errors or inconsistencies. Are the tolerances within acceptable limits? Do you need to make any changes to the CAD file? We repeat the prototype production process until the end product meets all of your expectations down to the finest detail.

Small batch

Once a prototype has been optimised to meet every specification, we carry out the 3D printing of small batches if necessary. In the case of highly specialised components in particular, 3D printing often makes more sense than first producing tools and then producing a small batch, thus helping you save time and money.

Series production

6 Plastics. 6 metals.

What advantages must the material have for your application? Tensile strength, fracture resistance, temperature resistance, bending flexibility or lightness?

Whatever components you need to produce, FKM has the right material to meet every requirement. Put your trust in our experience – together we will find the perfect material.


Plastics and
filled polymers

With a comprehensive material selection of pure or filled plastics, large-volume and flexible 3D printing capacities and validated parameter sets, we reliably achieve optimum product properties for your parts.



Our comprehensive portfolio of highly developed metal materials has proven itself in daily practice. The modern metal powders ensure the desired product properties and make the reproductions reliably repeatable.

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