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FKM portfolio of machines for polymers

Additive manufacturing with plastics / selective laser sintering

Machine capacities and installation space

Your service provider for 3D printing with plastic

In the selective laser sintering (SLS) process, plastic components can be additively manufactured for a wide variety of applications, namely functional prototypes, individual components or spare parts, as well as complete product series. All plastic parts 3D printed at FKM are fully functional from the outset and can be installed immediately.

Advantages of 3D printing with plastic using laser sintering
3D printing has revolutionised the production of plastic parts and offers significant advantages over other manufacturing processes: It allows the production of complex geometric shapes, shortens production times and enables the economical production of small batches and unique components, even with personalisation. As an experienced service provider for 3D printing with plastic, we combine these strengths of SLS technology with our process expertise in design and parameterisation. This approach enables us to push the boundaries of the process and expand our production capacities in the field of 3D printing using laser sintering:

A powerful service provider for 3D printing with plastic for industrial applications
As a reliable, long-standing supplier for industry customers, we consistently rely on the latest manufacturing technologies and optimised processes for the additive manufacturing of plastic components. For economically optimised 3D printing using laser sintering, we have adapted our machines in terms of system size and material use. Our small and medium-sized SLS machines are ideal for express components or very high-priced materials. The large SLS systems with multiple lasers are always the perfect choice when it comes to speed and performance. They are particularly suitable for large construction volumes, be it large individual parts or many serial parts. Our range of machines for 3D plastic printing enables us to produce even larger quantities quickly and in line with deadlines. As an industrial supplier with large production capacities in the field of 3D plastic printing, we pride ourselves on our short delivery times and excellent manufacturing quality.

Ready-to-install surfaces for serial products
In addition to additive manufacturing with plastic (3D printing using laser sintering), our range of services also includes the corresponding processing of surfaces. This allows us to offer our customers products that are ready to install, even with regard to their surface finish. Our technologies include smoothing, deburring and colouring 3D-printed parts. FKM has also developed its own process, namely chemical smoothing with FKM smooth®. As an all-inclusive service provider for 3D printing with plastic, we are your partner for ready-to-install plastic parts in perfect quality, which are also ideal for rapid prototyping.

“Our high manufacturing capacities and industry-leading solutions for 3D printing with plastic make us a perfect partner for the industry.”

Our production capacities for 3D printing with plastic using SLS
Our current total of 28 SLS machines enables us to handle more than 8,500 orders per year. By consistently optimising and expanding our range of machines, we are able to offer our customers short response times and high production capacities for 3D printing with plastics.

Our SLS machines

Number of machines
Construction volume
200 x 200 x 300 mm
375 x 375 x 539 mm
300 x 300 x 550 mm
910 x 430 x 405 mm
660 x 365 x 550 mm
600 x 300 x 500 mm

Fast and economical 3D printing: laser sintering with plastic
Do you want to place an order for 3D-printed components? The intelligent management of our project planning enables us to process orders quickly and in a structured and efficient manner. At the same time, we are able to react flexibly at all times. By combining different components made of the same material in one construction job, we increase the utilisation of our machines and systems, which in turn improves productivity and reduces costs. As a result, we can not only offer extremely competitive prices but in many cases even work more cost-effectively compared to in-house production. Short response times, a high level of transparency and 100% compliance with delivery requirements and deadlines are a matter of course for us at all times, even in complicated special cases. By continuously investing in further new production facilities, we are constantly expanding our capacities for the 3D printing of plastic components using laser sintering.

Quality assurance on every machine
In addition to our high production capacity for 3D printing with plastic using laser sintering, the quality of the manufactured parts is also an important factor. We ensure maximum precision and reproducibility for 3D-printed plastic parts, even in the case of SLS for rapid prototyping. To this end, we work with experienced specialists and use a preventive maintenance concept for our machines. Our experts continuously take care of the calibration of the process parameters, the preventive replacement of wear parts and the maintenance of the installation space. The continuous printing of test specimens, which are then measured, is also an integral part of our quality assurance. In the event of values that exceed or deviate from the defined tolerance values, the machines are immediately readjusted. We document this quality assurance process by means of statistical process control (SPC).

One of FKM’s specialities: surface technology

In our Surface Technology department, 3D-printed plastic parts are given the perfect finish. For this purpose, we offer a wide range of post-processing and finishing processes and optimise each part for its respective application. Thanks to the high density of the plastic components, it is even possible to polish them to a high-gloss level in mechanical post-processing. We have developed a special process for this purpose: FKM smooth®.

Surface Technology & Assembly

Rapid production of 3D-printed plastic parts

Speed and diligence play a central role in our production activities, which is why we check all orders before we get started. If we have any questions, we contact our customers immediately. Depending on the type and scope, orders are usually ready for dispatch within five to seven days. If required and depending on the size and quantity of the components, express production is, of course, also possible.

Diversity. Six plastics.

What advantages must the material have for your application? Tensile strength, fracture resistance, temperature resistance, bending flexibility or lightness?

Whatever components you need to produce, FKM has the right material to meet every requirement. Put your trust in our experience – together we will find the perfect material.


Plastics and
filled polymers

With a comprehensive material selection of pure or filled plastics, large-volume and flexible 3D printing capacities and validated parameter sets, we reliably achieve optimum product properties for your parts.

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