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Industrial 3D Printing

In industrial 3D printing, components are produced directly from the digital 3D CAD data as individual pieces or in series. Cost- and time-saving as well as tool-free, objects and components can be created digitally and then realized. This makes it possible to discover potential risks not only theoretically, but also practically directly on the property. Prototyping and the creation of functional spare parts and small series are particularly interesting due to the cost savings. In addition to the above-mentioned cost and time savings, the high flexibility in the production process, the possibility of lightweight construction, the creation of complex geometric objects, the rapid adaptation to change requests and the individualization are also positive. Industries from a wide range of directions can benefit from industrial 3D printing, such as automotive, design, health, research, and many more. The conceptual differentiation from “normal” 3D printing occurs because industrial 3D printing takes a more professional approach in terms of quality, productivity, process reliability, reproducibility and quality assurance.

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