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The Californian company Hewlett-Packard is one of the largest manufacturers of PCs, laptops, tablets and printers. The US company, founded in 1939, now also offers 3D printers. The cost-effective printers are suitable for small or medium-sized projects in the field of product development, but also for design companies or universities. The multi-jet process developed by HP Multi-Jet technology is a laserless additive 3D printing process that works with so-called agents. The basis is formed by special thermoplastic powders selected as required, which are built up layer by layer into a spatial object with the help of selectively sprayed fusing agents and detailing agents. HP offers suitable software for print preparation on the PC. HP’s product portfolio also includes a number of materials that can be used as materials. The selection of powders and agents depends on the desired material properties of the end product.

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