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EOS (Electro Optical Systems) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of various high-end solutions in the field of additive manufacturing. Both 3D printers for the use of various plastics and different 3D printable metals can be found in the company’s product portfolio. EOS offers the printing equipment as well as the required basic materials as well as the corresponding software for the three-dimensional creation of the digital calculated print data. The equipment, all intended for industrial use, complies with the latest quality and safety requirements. The processes are based on laser sintering and laser melt printing. Cost- and time-efficiently, three-dimensional objects and components can be produced without tools. EOS offers different solutions for both printing processes, depending on the area of application and frequency of application – from entry-level models to high-performance systems. EOS’ range of basic materials is comprehensive to achieve the properties required for the final product.

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