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DMG Mori

The Bielefeld-based company Gildemeister, which became DMG Mori in 2011 through cooperation agreements with the Japanese company Mori Seiki, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of machine tools. DMG Mori is the world market leader in CNC-controlled (Computerized Numerical Control) 5-axis milling machines. The machines in the field of additive manufacturing for metal objects and components are based on the SLM powder bed and LMD powder nozzle processes. DMG Mori thus combines two important additive processes of 3D printing. In the SLM process, 3D objects are built up layer by layer by means of a lowering bed on which there is a thin powder layer of metals and a laser that selectively melts the powder. In the LMD, the powder nozzle process, the surfaces of objects are provided with a metallic coating and gaps in connectors are filled. DMG Mori also offers milling machines that further process and refine the 3D-printed components. The range includes hybrid machines that accommodate both processes. DMG Mori’s milling machines work computer-controlled on 3 and 5 axes, depending on the model. In addition to the production of systems, the company also offers a full range of training, repairs, maintenance and spare parts services.

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