FKM Lasersintering

3D printing service since 1994

100 % additive manufacturing for functional prototypes, spare parts and small series production directly from 3D data.

FKM is a pioneer in the 3D printing service for selective laser sintering (SLS) and selective laser melting (SLM) in Germany and Europe. For 25 years, FKM has been part of a revolutionary rethinking process in the industry. Where tool and mould production used to determine the design rules, additive manufacturing with SLS and SLM is now changing entire manufacturing procedures.

Complex geometries can now directly be integrated into components. Even dynamic assemblies, such as functional grippers, require significantly fewer manufacturing steps thanks to SLS and SLM. Additive manufacturing simplifies the construction, saves assemblage costs and ensures durability.

After 25 years of practical experience as a specialised 3D printing service provider, our customers benefit from a machine park that has grown to 40 systems, numerous valuable upstream and downstream services, as well as a clear knowledge advantage for fully functional and additively manufactured components made of plastic and metal.

3D printing service provider with a wide range of services

FKM Sintertechnik offers a range of services that includes everything from 3D print-compatible design or component optimisation to a fully functional product. In-house quality assurance including a comprehensive test laboratory is also part of our competence. This is how we guarantee the highest and reproducible quality. We accompany you from the first product idea through the test phase of the prototypes to the finished product. We are also available as an outsourcing partner for other 3D printing service providers.

Why 3D technologies?

Because this is where the future is! In contrast to conventional manufacturing processes, 3D printing technologies are characterised by maximum efficiency with maximum flexibility. On the one hand, there are considerable savings in material usage, and on the other hand, costs remain low – no matter how geometrically complex a component is. We currently have 10 plastic and 7 different metal powders available as basic materials, all of which have different properties. This makes additive 3D printing based on the powder bed method suitable for many purposes and industries. Both printing processes, SLS for plastics and SLM for metals, allow complex geometries, filigree shapes, internal structures and free spaces – resulting in components that are as light as possible and being used in the automotive industry, the medical sector, mechanical engineering and aerospace technology.

various 3d printed components