3D-print with Titanium

Titan Ti64 is a pre-alloyed Ti6Al4V powder developed and optimised for our metal 3D-printing systems. This material, permanently in stock at FKM, is a light metal alloy that is highly corrosion resistant and very stable. Thanks to these properties as well as its low weight and good biocompatibility (hypoallergenic), titanium Ti64 can be used almost universally. Components produced by 3D-printing with titanium meet all the requirements of the ISO 5832-3, ASTM F1472 and ASTM B348 standards.

The pre-alloyed powder Ti6Al4V consists primarily of the element titanium (Ti). Furthermore, the alloy contains a maximum of 6.75 % aluminium (Al), a maximum of 4.5 % vanadium (V) and small amounts of other components (O, N, C, H, Fe).

Since this material is very stable, corrosion and temperature resistant as well as hypoallergenic – i.e. not allergenic – there are hardly any limits to the use of this titanium. Applications range from medicine and jewellery making to the aerospace and aviation industry.

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The advantages at a glance

  • high strength, very stable
  • lightweight
  • abrasion-resistant
  • air and water pressure-tight
  • corrosion-resistant
  • temperature-resistant
  • hypoallergenic
  • almost complete freedom of geometry and design

Technical data

before heat treatmentafter heat treatment
Yield strength Rp0,21140 ± 50 MPa1000 ± 50 MPa
Tensile strength R1290 ± 50 MPa1100 ± 40 MPa
Elongation at break7 bis 10 ± 3 %13,5 bis 14,5 ± 2 %
E-modulus110 ± 15 GPa110 ± 15 GPa
Densityca. 4,41 g/cm³ca. 4,41 g/cm³

Possible applications of titanium

3D-printing with titanium is suitable for almost any application thanks to the material’s excellent mechanical properties and freedom of form. Industries such as the automotive or aerospace industry benefit especially from the material’s abrasion, corrosion and temperature resistance, also from its high stability as well as pressure and water pressure resistance. In jewellery manufacturing and medicine, it is an advantage that this material does not cause allergies. The manufactured components or workpieces made of this light metal alloy are fully functional and usable and can be surface refined if required.