3D printing with TPU

Strength, elasticity and abrasion resistance. Unprecedented.

TPU stands for Thermoplastic Polyurethane, a urethane-based elastomer. The material combines the properties of thermoplastics and duroplastics and is ideal for 3D printing complex and rubber-like parts such as hoses, sleeves and more. When 3D printing with TPU powder, the wall thickness should ideally be at least 1.5 mm and a maximum of 3 mm. In terms of post-processing – especially metal cutting – the material proves to be rather difficult, as TPU is resistant to scratches and cuts. Before choosing TPU as a material, it must be mentioned that it is not resistant to acids and alcohols.

FKM has TPU in powder form and uses it for fully functional components in many applications. Thanks to its dermatologically tested harmlessness, TPU is also suitable for the manufacture of sports and fitness accessories such as protectors or fitness wristbands.

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Possible applications of TPU

Thanks to the excellent properties of TPU, 3D printing with this material is suitable for a wide range of industries.

Consumer products such as phone boxes, fitness wristbands or shoe soles are possible thanks to the material’s strong yet flexible properties.

Patient-specific orthopaedic parts in medical technology as well as seals or upholstery elements for vehicles in the automotive industry can also be made from the material.

Technical data

Tensile modulus60 MPa
Tensile strength7 MPa
Elongation at break250 %
Melting point138 °C
Bulk density457 °C
Shore A hardness80 MPa
Density (laser sintered)1,08 g/cm³