3D printing with PA 12 FR

PA 12 FR is a polyamide with flame protection, which is suitable in powder form for processing in laser sintering systems. The powder is equipped with a special chemical flame retardant. In the event of a fire, this forms a carbonising layer that insulates and protects the material underneath. Components that are exposed to high heat and need to be flame-protected can be produced cost-effectively by 3D printing with PA 12 FR and re-sintered if required.

FKM has this material in powder form as well as the corresponding laser sintering systems in its machine park.

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The advantages at a glance

  • flame retardant
  • chemical-resistant
  • high tensile and elongation strength
  • grease and oil resistant

Technical data

Tensile modulus (X-, Y-, Z-direction)1900 / 1600 MPa
Tensile strength49 MPa
Elongation at break (X-, Y-, Z-direction)15, 15, 6 %
Elongation at tensile strength7
Temperature of dimensional stability (1.8 MPa, X-direction)84 °C
Bulk density0,45 g/cm³ EN ISO 60
Melting temperature (20 °C/min)185 °C
Density (laser sintered)1000 kg/m³

Possible applications of PA 12 FR

Due to the special flame protection of the polyamide, 3D printed PA 12 FR components are particularly suitable for use in aerospace applications. For aviation, the material fulfils the CS-25 approval regulations (Certification Specifications for Large Aeroplanes), or outdated JAR-25 (Joint Aviation Requirements). This means that the use of workpieces made of PA 12 with flame retardant is officially approved for large, turbine-powered aircrafts with a total weight of 5670 kg or more. PA 12 FR is also an economical option for use in electrical engineering.