3D-printing with copper

Since 2018, you can obtain 3D-printed copper components directly from digital data.

Copper and copper alloys are particularly suitable for application and work areas in which high thermal and/or electrical conductivity is required. Copper alloy hardens thermally. Thanks to the forward-thinking 3D-printing process SLM (selective laser melting; 3D-printing of metal via laser melting), complex geometries with internal cavities or channel systems can be implemented in a single operation.

At FKM, you can choose between pure copper CuCP, the copper alloy CuCrZr and the beryllium-free copper alloy CuNi2SiCr for your 3D printing with copper.

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The advantages at a glance

  • good electrical and thermal conductivity
  • extremely corrosion resistant
  • very high tensile and yield strength
  • homogeneous copper structure
  • very high density of over 99.5 % (high-gloss polishing possible)

Technical data (CuNi2SiCr)

as builtheat treated
Yield strength Rp0,2190 – 200 MPa460 – 540 MPa
Tensile strength Rm240 – 260 MPa590 – 610 MPa
Elongation at break45 – 55 %18 – 24 %
E-modulus80 – 100 GPa100 – 150 Gpa
Hardness130 – 150 HL220 – 260 HL

Applications and properties

As is generally typical for the SLM process, complicated geometries that cannot be realised with conventional processes are also possible with the copper variants available from FKM. In FKM’s SLM machinery, components from pieces up to a size of 250 x 250 x 310 mm are possible for 3D-printing with copper.

Special plant technology

Special plant technology is needed to process pure copper using the SLM process. This was funded by the European Regional Development Fund as part of the project “Pure Copper Laser Sintering, No. 20007663”.