Direct Metal Laser Sintering

Bandwidth. From light alloys, stainless and tool steels to superalloys.

Existing design principles can be rethought. A functionality integrated into the workpiece, such as tool inserts with contour-hugging cooling channels shorten the production cycle. Instantly functional hinges with innovative kinematics. Or toolless solutions for thin-walled, complex metal structures in aluminium or steel

The choice is yours: aluminium, tool steel, stainless steel 1.4404, stainless steel 1.4542, copper, cobalt chrome, titanium and inconel 718 that’s resistant to extreme environments and used for high-temperature applications, such as in turbochargers or turbine blades.

Simply take advantage of our experience.

FKM Technical Brochure

  • Construction Recommendations
  • Finishing
  • Machinery Pool
  • Tendering

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